We Charge Sellers Less

Questions About Selling? We'll Give You the Answers

There are three reasons we are able to charge less for sellers:

  • Sellers aren’t required to attend closings – The old way of sellers and buyers sitting around a table at a lawyers office isn’t done. We do all your documents in advance, including a Power of Attorney for us to sign on your behalf and we send these documents to the buyer’s attorney and title company, usually a week in advance. So no more traveling to wherever the buyer’s attorney’s office is and no more sitting around waiting to get everything taken care of – we do that for you.
  • We, as seller’s attorney, are not required to attend closings. Because of our prior contact with buyer’s attorneys and our prior sending of all the documents in advance, to be held in escrow pending our review of the final amounts payable to you, we don’t have to attend the closing either. We use email, faxes and wires of the funds to get the monies placed directly into your checking account, so often no more checks and problems of who is going to pick up and deliver checks from closings.
  • The modern way to do closings is often now just a matter of sending all seller’s documents in escrow. As seller’s attorney, we require the HUD-1 to be emailed to us (or faxed) and to you, and we go over the numbers with you by phone for approval before we sign off. No need for anybody to be driving all over New Jersey and this saves time and money for the sellers.

Ask for a quote, here’s what we will ask you about your contract:

  • Are the buyers paying cash or getting a mortgage?
  • Is it an FHA or government financing, with a mortgage company or a bank that buyers are getting these funds from?
  • What’s a convenient closing date for you?
  • Do you have well, septic or an oil tank?
  • Is this a short sale or estate sale?, A condo or one family home?

Once we have this information, we can tell you our charge with no need for you to even come to our offices, particularly if you have done a sale previously. We are always happy to meet sellers to answer any questions or concerns. We try to have sellers do as little work as possible at the most reasonable cost.

Call us at 201-437-1600 for more information or to get started.

Call us at 201-437-1600 for a free consultation.