Buyers Closing Costs Checklist

Buying a Home? Get Advice You Can Trust

Realtors often want you to use their recommended attorney who they advise you “will do it for less”. Careful, careful, careful. Why is the broker, who gets paid by sellers only, recommending a particular attorney? Is it because he does everything he can to protect the buyers?

  • Don’t get the cheapest attorney! A buyer’s attorney should offer to meet with you, especially if you’re a first time buyer, and explain to you the all important home inspection process, the difference between mortgage brokers and bank loans, the problems of FHA deals and their exorbitant cost at closing, and setting the date for closing.
  • If sellers are a short sale, a bank REO or even an estate sale, your attorney must immediately seek to protect you. A buyer’s attorney will explain what the law in New Jersey is regarding as “As Is” sale (it’s not what you think) and buyers never should surrender their deposits if the deal doesn’t go through.
  • One other question, ask them who is doing the closing, the attorney or the title company (which charges you $300.00 extra for this service)? At our office, only Don Campbell does the closings. Besides the 42 years of experience and closing and reviewing over 15,000 matters, he’s the one who will be responsible for getting it done right. We’re not the cheapest.

We wonder how many people shop for the cheapest brain surgeons? We do our best to protect our clients.

Call us at 201-437-1600 for a free consultation.

Call us at 201-437-1600 for a free consultation.